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Hello & Thanks for Visiting!

Hi, my name is Diane, also known as Diaura. I was born psychic and my connection to the Spirit world has always been very strong. Most of my life I have spent connected to nature in some way. As a child, the outdoor environment was my playground – playing in the garden, exploring neighbours gardens, swimming in rivers and lakes, climbing to the top of pine trees or taking off to the beach. 

As an adult I studied Horticulture & Landscape Architecture which brought me even closer to nature, strengthening my connection to the I Am aspect of myself, the Spirit world and the Devic kingdom.

I spent many years developing and using my abilities professionally to help others. I started with tea leaf readings and astrology, moving on to palm readings, flower readings, psychometry, scrying and tarot. I ran a spiritual centre, (Diaura Spiritual Centre) which included self-development & meditation circles, workshops, Reiki healing and public meetings. I also facilitated expos and festivals, the first one held in 2006. I regularly traveled around Australia participating in other festivals and expos as a reader.

A heart attack and other health issues caused me to take a big step back to reevaluate my life, to work out what doorway to walk through next. I spent a period in deep self-reflection and self-healing, which resulted in the changes to many aspects of my life – relationships, friendships, career and my business.

One new avenue was to do a degree in counselling. As a qualified counsellor, I am able to combine my lifelong abilities as an intuitive counsellor and psychic medium to further help others. You can follow more of my story below.

If you feel I can help you, please contact me to make a booking.

The Name Diaura


While studying landscape architecture in 1995, I had to come up with a business name. I spent a week with pen, paper and a thesaurus and came up with the word Diaura. ‘Di’ for Diane and ‘aura’ for ambience, atmosphere and energy.

Imagine my surprise when a few years later, I found out it was actually a Latin word for ‘new beginnings’. Synchronicity!

The Diaura business has grown and evolved over the years in alignment with the many changes and surges in my own growth. As my world is constantly evolving and expanding, I know it will change alongside of me yet again.


What I Love, What Inspires Me!


I love people, all ages, genres, all aspects. I love that with the guidance of Spirit I am able to bring the light into their world, a sparkle to their eyes and a smile to their lips. I love the way Spirit works through me to help lighten their souls and to assist them into reconnecting to who they really are.

Art & Nature

I love most aspects of art that represents nature – design, organic architecture, Art Nouveau/Deco, Art & Crafts Movement, garden design, crafts, mandalas. Creativity helps you to connect to your soul on a deeper level. It is empowering and a great tool for manifesting.


It has taught me so much about who I am and where I fit in. It has given me roots and grounded me to the aspect of my soul that is connected to mother earth. It has helped me to know and connect to a larger family in both Spirit and the physical world.

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