Renbåge Reiki Healing

A Reiki session may help you if:

  • You constantly feel tired, stressed, emotionally withdrawn and unable to cope with unresolved issues.
  • You feel blocked and are hanging on to old patterns which prevent you from moving on and discovering your life purpose.
  • You have no sense of purpose or direction in your life.
  • You are suffering from chronic illness or pain.


    Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is defined as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and is commonly associated with a system of healing known as the Usui System of Natural Healing. It is based on the knowledge that unseen energy flows through all living things.

    It is a technique used to focus, draw upon and enhance an individual’s life force energy and improve the functioning of the immune system and healing process. It is also used for relaxation and stress reduction.

    Reiki is a safe and gentle method of healing, yet its results are powerful. It compliments traditional forms of medicine, helping to speed up recovery time. It treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

    Seichim (Sekhem) is a form of healing that dates back to ancient Egypt. It is powerful, gentle, feminine and all-encompassing.

    A Renbåge Reiki treatment is non-intrusive. Clients do not remove clothing and no private parts of the body are touched.

    The Benefits of Reiki:

    • Balancing and clearing of the chakras
    • Clearing the body’s energy field
    • Assisting to calm and refocus the mind
    • Stress management
    • Releasing of old patterns
    • Pain relief
    • Assists in the body’s own healing abilities
    • A clearer connection to the inner self
    • Improves overall wellbeing


    A Reiki session is designed to meet the individual needs of a client and may include Reiki, Seichim and crystals.


    Crystals are an element of the mineral kingdom and due to their piezoelectric properties, radiate powerful vibrations. When placed within our auric energy field they become a strong vibrational tool for healing.

    Crystal Healing is an advanced healing art that has the capacity to enhance one’s own healing power on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

    In a crystal healing there is a subtle energy shift that gives way to an opening whereby stored, unresolved emotional energy, evidenced by the body as disease and pain, can be changed. This window of opportunity for change puts healing and personal empowerment into motion, assisting us as we grow. Crystals can also be used as a tool in the enhancement of our psychic and intuitive faculties.

    Crystal Healing sessions are often carried out in conjunction with Reiki and Spiritual Healing.

    Reiki Classes & Workshops

    We teach all levels of Reiki and Seichem (Sekhem).

    As Reiki is a universal energy it can be accessed and used by anyone – children, teens and adults alike. 

    We also hold an occasional workshop where people can get together and share their healing experiences or participate in group healing.


    Note: Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medical treatments. It is a complimentary technique that works alongside conventional western medical treatments. If you are suffering from an illness or disease, continue to follow the guidance of your doctor or specialist.

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